Corporate Sales

Corporate Companies, Business Owners or Service Providers:

You are corporate companies or business owners and would like to expand your market, Rizikh will do for you. The reasons, you want to join with Rizikh are:

Promote any product or service with FREE of cost our professional team is here to help you all the time
Open your online store with our help
We help you manage your products
Sell products all times accross all the boundaries
Multiple payment options such electronic, cards, mobile banking and cash on delivery or very exclusive Rizikh e-account.
Rizikh provides shipping and delivery services
24/7 customer support for your products

Individual Potentials:

If you have any idea to sell any third parties’ product or service, or any kind of business relationship you would like to establish with Rizikh like become a supplier, dealer and so on, please contact to Rizikh immediately and we will try our best to work accordingly.
Note: All services provided by Rizikh are FREE and timely.

If you have any other question, please feel free to contact to our 24/7 customer service via live chat, email or phone service.